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February 5, 2016 / Gul Malani

Believe it or not!

Many of us will be surprised and shocked to know that we, parents can:

  • make a happy child into a frequently crying and sad child
  • reduce the child’s inherent capabilities to love itself as well as others
  • lower the self esteem and self confidence of the child
  • prevent the child from its natural ability to mostly live fully in the present moment and make him/her live an incomplete life in the future or in the past
  • lower the high Intelligence that every child has been born with
  • lower the artistic and creative capabilities of the child
  • make the child fear the future and build fear of others, animals etc
  • make the child misbehave and throw tantrums
  • make the child to hate studies, homework, reading, etc.
  • make the child self centered and unsocial
  • create eating disorders in childhood as well as in adulthood
  • create psychological problems in the child which can last a lifetime, including loosing interest in doing anything or even in living

Girl Thumbs down ID-100171704 (2) 080216

The way out of this is to first become aware of the psychological damage we are doing to our child due to our own lack of awareness, patience and ability to give love and attention to the child at all times! Children deserve this from us, but not many parents have this awareness, clarity or the capacity to keep giving!

Once we know our limitations, only then solutions to improve our own self will become apparent to us and result in our rearing happy, confidant and capable children! This blog as well as and a lot of other relevant literature is available on the Internet which can help us parents to evolve to be perfect parents!

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