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IMG_1723 Mom & Dad PhotoThe authors have been the composers of the blog , a blog on Spiritual Awakening!

Motivation to create a new blog on ‘Bringing up Children’ was great due to intense love and respect for children and realisation of the damage being done to children by their loving, but not so conscious and discerning, parents! Much of the damage to the spirit and psychology of the child is avoidable with good parenting!

The main author Gul Malani, has a Master’s degree in Science from the University of Michigan, USA. He has been the Managing Director of a German joint venture company in Mumbai, India. He is a grandfather and his two lovely grandchildren are the big Stars of this Blog. Associate Author is his intelligent and supportive wife Vinita, who holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science from Lady Shriram College, New Delhi, India. They have three lovely children who have grown into strong, loving, caring and independent adults sharing their lives beautifully with their loving, aware and intelligent spouses!

All of them along with numerous other children, adults and their parents have been an inspiration for our blog. We have tried to cover the whole gamut of up bringing. But if we have missed out on something, please post your comments on the blog for everyone’s benefit!

We strongly recommend a very good and detail study of a book titled ‘The Conscious Parent’ by Shefali Tsabary PhD for would be parents, grand[parents, teachers and others who interact with children!

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