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August 2, 2016 / Gul Malani


Let us begin with an awakening call for parents!

All terrorists are disciplined adults who have been conditioned early in their life to kill innocent, uninvolved, random people for a cause decided and thrusted upon them by other adults.

ID-10097954Disciplining implies obedience, carrying out the orders of someone else without questioning them! It means not allowing the person to use his/her intelligence before he/she takes action.

Disciplined children appear as very good children to the parents as well as others. But for the child, it means that the Intelligence, it has been born with, is not being used and soon it can atrophy as is the case with many young adults.

So, disciplining is like a sword with a very sharp edge capable of destroying the child’s intelligence. It has to be used with great care and understanding so that the child’s psyche and intelligence are least damaged. Along with Intelligence, disciplining destroys child’s artistic, creative and out of the box thinking capabilities.

How to have a decently behaved and disciplined child who is also very intelligent and creative?

First, all disciplining has to be done with love and never with anger, force or threat of punishment. Secondly, we have to discuss with the child and help him/her understand so that the child can find his/her ways of discipling him/herself. Thirdly, parents have to be patient and give plenty of time to the child to discipline him/herself. Fourthly, parents have to be role models and display the discipline in themselves of what they expect in their children.

A parent might reduce those stressful bedtime negotiations by seeking a verbal agreement (from the child) before agreeing to just one more game or story or TV program – Steve J. Martin, Noah J. Goldstein and Robert B. Cialdini in their book ‘The Small Big’

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