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July 29, 2016 / Gul Malani

Grandparents Role

When grandparents get involved with the up bringing of the grandchildren, more often than not, conflicts will surface with the parents who have their own knowledge and understanding of the methods of up bringing. So, it is best to have a hands off approach and let the parents manage the up bringing without interference or comments from the grandparents.

Only if the parents are willing, periodic but not more frequently than once a month, a foursome discussion can be held to improve the up bringing methods so that the best up bringing methods are used to benefit the child!

ID-10046819Grandchildren whose grandparents are evolved (know their own selves reasonably well) are very lucky as such grandparents are capable of giving unconditional love to them and also they will respect, understand, accept, and not ignore their feelings and intelligence. Grandparents generally have the wisdom, time and the patience to do this unlike most parents who are under pressure for time because of either their career or their social commitments.

Grandparents can also provide the grandchildren with space and time to be themselves and do whatever they wish to do as long as it is not unsafe or harmful to them or to others.

Grandparents , who are physically fit can take the children for excursions, picnics, games, visits to zoos, parks, museums and help develop their wider interests.

Grandparents can also help the children with their hobbies like craft, painting, singing, dancing, horse riding etc for all round development.

If grandparents are physically able, then they make very good baby sitters due to their love and blood bond with the child.

Exposure to grandchildren will keep grandparents youthful and joyful. It may seem strange, but there is a lot of learning grandparents can do from children, whose intelligence is not yet conditioned! Children come up with novel thoughts and ideas which can be very educative, inspiring and interesting to act and follow upon!

A gaping attachment void has been created by the loss of the extended family. Children often lack close relationships with older generation–the people who, for much of human history, were often better able than parents themselves to offer the unconditional loving acceptance that is the bedrock of emotional security – Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D., and Gabor Mate, M.D. in their book ‘Hold On to Your Kids’ *261017

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