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June 12, 2012 / Gul Malani

Hello Child Carers

This is a beautiful world and we are all lucky to have a chance to live in this world. Perhaps, this is the only chance for those who do not believe in re-incarnation!

So, it is necessary that we have the capacity to enjoy this life fully! All of us are born with the capability to enjoy life but we tend to lose this capability as we grow older. Quite often we learn the opposite of what should be learnt and then life becomes a burden !

Parenting plays a very important role in our health, happiness, development and in our achievements. Unfortunately most parents are neither conscious, qualified nor equipped adequately to become parents. So, generally their parenting follow the procedures similar to the hierarchical parenting they received from their parents with slight modifications and improvements!

Unfortunately, most of the children including children of yesteryears like us have been and are victims of loving but unintelligent and unconscious parenting and as well as poor interaction with un-evolved relatives, teachers, peers and others. Children have been and are being unintentionally programmed to lose their natural ability to live out their Spirit and live in the present moment. This has been and is being replaced with living in fear, anxiety and worry of the future or guilt, regret and anger about the past!

Being aware, that a lot is going wrong in bringing up most of our children, has been the motivation for us to write this Blog. Are we, parents, helping our child to retain the bright sparkles in their eyes by allowing them to enjoy living at his/her terms and becoming independent as soon as possible; are we helping him/her to continue loving his/her own self and have a good self esteem; are we helping him/her to use his Intellect; are we helping him/her to understand and accept his/her emotions; are we being a good role model of how to live a successful, happy and contented life?

Further, a great love and respect for the children and hoping to have them retain their childlike qualities, like innocence and being  happy as well as to develop their inborn intelligence throughout their lives has also driven us into this activity of writing and sharing.

Relevant excerpts from the book ‘The Biology of Belief’ of Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D.

  • The latest genetic research suggesting that parents should cultivate that twinkle in the months before they conceive a child. That growth promoting awareness and intention can produce a smarter, healthier, and happier child. * 140817
  • Research suggests that what is going on in the lives of the parents during the process of genomic imprinting has a profound influence on the mind and body of the child. * 140817
  • Verny writes “It makes a difference whether we are conceived in love, haste, or hate and whether a mother wants to be pregnant…parents do better when they live in a calm and stable environment free of addictions and supported by family and friends.” * 140817
  • Verny writes ” Awake or asleep, the studies show, they (unborn children) are constantly tuned in to their mother’s every action, thought, and feeling. From the moment of conception, the experience in the womb shapes the brain and lays the groundwork for personality, emotional temperament, and the power of higher thought.” * 140817
  • What the father does profoundly affects the mother, which in turn affects the developing child (unborn baby). * 140817
  • But the developing child receives far more than nutrients from the mother’s blood. Along with nutrients, the foetus absorbs excess glucose if the mother is diabetic and excess cortisol and other fight or flight hormones if the mother is chronically stressed. * 140817
  • Bernie Devlin, a professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburg School of Medicine…found that conditions during pre-natal development significantly impact IQ. He reveals that up to fifty-one percent of a child’s potential intelligence is controlled by environmental factors. * 140817
  • Parents now have a choice. They can carefully reprogram their limiting beliefs about life before they bring a child into their world. * 160817
  • Genes are shaped, guided, and tailored by environmental learning experiences. * 160817
  •  Indeed, genes are important–but their importance is only realised through the influence of conscious parenting and the richness of opportunities provided by the environment. * 160817
  • Your children’s genes reflect only their potential, not their destiny. It is up to you to provide the environment that allows them to develop to their highest potential. * 160817
  • Let go of unfounded fears and take care not to implant unnecessary fears and limiting beliefs in your children’s subconscious minds. Most of all, do not accept the fatalistic message of genetic determinism. You can help your children reach their potential and you can change your personal life. You are not “stuck” with your genes. * 160817
  • Conscious parents and seers like Rumi knew that for human babies and adults the best growth promoter is love.* 160817

Like in any en-devour,  your comments and suggestions posted on this site will help improve this Blog! Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions!

It appears that bringing up a child has never been to retain the child’s inherent happiness and completeness. Neither it has been to let the child bloom in it’s own unique way in it’s own time schedule! Instead, it is solely one of ensuring that the child is meeting the high expectations of the parents and our society! – The Totality

It occurred to me that more than any fixed tools, parents needed training.  And it begins with completely unlearning the conventional way of parenting we’ve all been conditioned to over the years. – Dr. Atul Abhyankar


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