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June 14, 2012 / Gul Malani

A Beautiful Gift!

Child ReadingThe most beautiful gift that we ever get is a child. The marvel is that this is the only gift that comes with our lifetime warranty; it generally is with us or near us for our full lifetime!

The sparkle in the child’s eyes, the glow of its body, the activity and playfulness, the love for life, the curiosity to learn, the joy and happiness that is packed within, charms almost everyone including the proud parents!

With the passage of time, the child grows up! But the sparkle and glow do a slow disappearing act; joy and happiness get replaced by fear, anxiety, worry, tension and anger. Curiosity and activity turn to lack of interest in life and lethargy!

What happened during the growing up years? What went wrong with the upbringing?

This needs deliberations by all of us, to be parents, those that are already parents and also those who have already finished parenting!

Conventional wisdom and commonsense makes us use similar techniques that our parents used in bringing us up. This leaves a lot to be desired for the benefit of our children.

Whereas, what is required is Conscious Awareness, Insight, Understanding and Acceptance while bringing up children. This will make a world of a difference to the quality of the lives of our children as well as to their strengths and capabilities!

Dr. Shefali Tsabary says that families have a tendency to treat children as possessions of their parents. With all focus on grades, achievement and flashy signs of wealth, we are teaching them to depend on external indicators of success as markers of their identity – beauty, status, wealth and career. When these markers fail, our children feel as if they have become non-existent.

Parents have to become aware of this unconscious and damaging way of bringing up children and arise to a better way soonest! The Conscious way of bringing up children is the subject matter of this Blog!

The ability to see–really see–our children separate from who we are is our greatest gift to them – Shefali Tsabary PhD

Every child is born complete. We, parents, relatives, teachers, friends and the society help the child to build incompleteness within it’s Intellect. This incompleteness is the Ego! If the child is fortunate, while growing up as a youngster or as an adult, he/she can develop a deep understanding of life by experiencing it fully in the present moments. Then the young adult can have  capabilities to transcend it’s Ego and be complete once again, and live life in all it’s fullness – The Totality

At birth almost every child is super finely tuned with our Universe, as it is a manifestation of Omnipresent and Omnipotent Superconsciousness. Good, Aware and Conscious parenting is to retain this super fine tuning of the child. This can easily be done by retaining the unlimitedness in the Subconscious of the child. The only limitedness we have to embed in the child’s Intellect is for the psychological and physical safety of the child. Also, the Conscious Mind (Ego) that develops from parental and other programming, self learning and experience has to remain mostly in the present moments and not spend much of it’s time either in the past or the future. Therefore programmed goals have to be short term and suited for the child’s present talent and capabilities for quick and easy achievement. –The Totality  070118

At birth every child’s cell’s Intellect is filled with Superconsciousness. As it is exposed to environmental situations like parental a programming and other’s programming the Superconsciousness starts to be replaced by the Self centered EGO, which is the only cause for our misery, anxiety, unhappiness and, in many cases, poor health too. Conscious and evolved parenting can reduce the impact of the Ego on the child’s life and allow the child to live an enriched, healthy and a happy life. – The Totality  120118

Every child is delivered to every mother as a bundle of Divinity. Divinity emanates from every child’s body, eyes, smile, touch, actions, etc.. Regretfully, parents , teachers, peers and others, unknowingly and unconsciously, help the child to displace the Divinity within, with an individualised personality or Ego, which then brings in unhappiness, stress and misery in the child’s future life. – The Totality  110718


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