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June 18, 2012 / Gul Malani

Harmonious Environment

Special attention has to be given to the environment into which we are planning to bring our child!

It goes without saying that it should be clean and hygienic, well organized and managed at the physical level.

At the psychological level, there should be good understanding and communication between the parents. Acceptance of each other as we are at present, love and respect for each other are prerequisites for the healthy upbringing of the new born child. Our home should be a peaceful place, full of love and caring which nurtures good growth of a child!

There is a saying for the fathers to be; ‘The best thing you can do for the child is to love its mother!’ Further, the reverse is also necessary, that the Mother loves the Father!

If this is not the case, assuming that this will happen after the birth of the child may be very risky. The demands of the new born baby’s needs, may leave the parents with very little emotional and physical energy to improve any other situation including their own relationship! It is best to delay having the child, if that is possible.

Find the time for discovering one’s own self first. Only when we understand our own self, we will be able to understand others including our Spouses! It may sound strange, but one can discover one’s own self instantaneously by becoming aware and remaining as often as we can in the present moment! More details can be accessed from the blog!


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