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June 19, 2012 / Gul Malani

Space, Attention & Understanding

If you notice a new born child, you will find that it is very happy with itself. It cries only when there are needs of the body like food, cleanliness, burping etc..

Giving too much attention takes away this inherent capacity of the child to be happy with itself! All children, as well as all adults, need space to do their own thing most of the time! Attention should be given only when the child needs it or there are safety concerns! An easy way to give child space is to let him/her be alone for sometime everyday while they are at home, or to have them regularly visit grandparents, relatives or friends without the parents accompanying them!

We also need to give every child attention and understanding that we would give to an adult and not ignore it as it is only a small child! This will build the child’s self esteem and love for itself as he/she is being loved and respected too!

Children as well as adults function best in an environment where there is appreciation and acceptance. Criticism and non acceptance reduces the capabilities of the child. Please refrain from criticising the child or its behaviour either in private or in public, because what the child is doing is correct and right as per his/her present understanding. Help the child’s Intellect and understanding to mature at its own pace with timely and appropriate discussions and suggestions.


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