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July 13, 2012 / Gul Malani

Meaningful Quotes

A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark ~ Chinese Proverb

Children aren’t colouring books. You don’t get to fill them with your favourite colours – Khaled Hosseini

He (Senior Doctor-Child Development) told me it’s the first five years of our lives that determine who we are, who we become. – Dr. Atul Abhyankar

What is the child a product of – his genes or his environment? It is just 5 percent genes and 95 percent circumstances that shape who you are. – Dr. Atul Abhyankar

Parents can’t choose mates of their children or the behaviour of their children. You actually can’t choose anything for your children without disempowering them – Abraham

Children are conditioned to depend on parents, teachers and other people’s opinions so much that they lose track of their Super, Intuitive and Divine Inner Sense. As the child grows into an adult he/she will have to rediscover his/her Inner Sense, because all that is beautiful and all that is good and all that is divine can only be known through his/her Inner Sense. – adapted from ‘Osho’

Children were meant to revolve around their parents and the other adults responsible for them, just as the planets revolve around the sun. And yet more and more children are now orbiting around each other. – Gordon Neufeld Ph.D. & Gabor Maté M.D. in their book ‘Hold On to Your Kids’

Parents love for a child is full of conditions whereas a child’s love for it’s parents is truly unconditional – Malanis

Simply loving our children wasn’t enough. We have to love them unconditionally for who they are, not for what they do – Carl Rogers, psychologist in 1960’s

Conditional parenting is to turn up the affection when children are good., withhold affection when they are not. – Alfie Kohn

One of the most powerful currencies for a child is the parents’ acceptance and approval –Phil McGraw

Parents have overwhelming influence on the mental and physical attributes of the children they raise. And that influence starts not after children are born but BEFORE children are born. – Dr. Thomas Verny, a pioneer in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychiatry, quoted in book ‘The Biology of Belief’  270717

What if we had conscious parents and teachers who served as wonderful life models, always engaging in humane and win-win relations with everyone in the community? If our subconscious mind were programmed with such healthy behaviours, we could be totally successful in our lives without ever being conscious! – Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. in his book ‘The Biology of Belief’  040817

But how much easier would it be to be nurtured from the beginning of life so that you reach your genetic and creative potential? How much better to be a conscious parent so that your children and their children will be conscious parents, making reprogramming unnecessary and making for a happier, more peaceful planet. Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. in his book ‘The Biology of Belief’  070817

The fetal and infant nervous system has vast sensory and learning capabilities and a kind of memory that neuroscientists call implicit memory. – Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. in his book ‘The Biology of Belief’ * 270717

There is mounting evidence that programming of lifetime health by the conditions in the womb is equally, if not more important, than our genes in determining how we perform mentally and physically in life. – Nathanielsz quoted in the book ‘The Biology of Belief’ by Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. 280717

‘For the growing brain of a young child, the social world supplies the most important experiences influencing the expression of genes, which determines how neurons connect to one another in creating the neuronal pathways which give rise to mental activity’ writes Dr. Daniel J. Siegel. In other words, infants need a nurturing environment to activate the genes that develop healthy brains. Parents, the latest science reveals, continue to act as genetic engineers even after the birth of their child. – Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. in his book ‘The Biology of Belief’ 280717

Every child is born Divine! Due to unconscious, although loving, parenting, the child’s divine thinking and actions get replaced by self centered thinking and actions. Parents, who become conscious, can help the child reverse this. The child can reverse this too as it grows up, by becoming aware of its own true self! – Malanis

When we acknowledge a child’s feelings, we do him a great service. We put him in touch with his inner reality. And once he’s clear about that reality, he gathers the strength to begin to cope – Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish in their book “How to talk so Kids will listen & listen so Kids will talk”

All children are born geniuses, and we spend first six years of their lives de-geniusing them – Buckminster Fuller

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up – Pablo Picasso

Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time – Rabindranath Tagore

Children learn from their parents that water is dangerous. Parents must later struggle to teach Johnny how to swim. Their first big effort is focussed on overcoming the fear of water they instilled in the earlier years. – Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. in his book ‘The Biology of Belief’ * 010817

Children are easy to understand as they are transparent, while parents are very difficult to understand as they have lost their transparency while growing up – The Creation

Nobody (no child) is inferior, and nobody (no child) is superior. One is just oneself, incomparable – Osho

Don’t compare your (child’s) life to others.. There’s no comparison between the Sun and the Moon. They shine when it’s their time. – Abdul Kalam, ex President of India

Nobody is here to be somebody else -everybody is here only to be himself……..And then you can respect yourself. And the man who respects himself, respects others. Then you can love yourself, and the man who loves himself can love others. – Osho in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’                                           

I have grown to respect the innate ability children have for knowing what they need – Stacy Hein

Parenting isn’t about raising a child, it’s about raising a parent!- Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Just as there are physical and intellectual milestones we want our children to attain, the parenting journey presents us as parents with spiritual milestones we too need to attain (most important for bringing up strong and happy children)  – Dr. Shefali Tsabary

From the time we are old enough to talk, our parents, society, and the world in general, train us to be result-oriented. We measure our success-and oftentimes our worth-by the results produced by our efforts. Therefore, the majority of us form the lifelong habit of focussing on the results we want-and fail to activate the one thing-love-that gives wings to our desires.-Carnelian Sage in her book ‘The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World’

And every parent fails in some way or other – unless he becomes a Buddha (enlightened) – Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’

Parents are trying somehow to create ambition in children. Ambition is a fever, it is illness. An ambitious man always remains ill inside. He suffers from Spiritual Cancer. – Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’

Due to lack of awareness and anxiety of the future, most of us, parents, are busy preparing our child for a marathon run, when all that the child requires is to remain comfortable with it’s own self and be able to walk and think independently at it’s own appropriate time schedule- The Totality 

The end product of child raising is not the child but the parent – Frank Pittman

Up bringing becomes simple, if parents are sensitive and ensure that the child is joyous and is passionate about what he/she is doing in the present moment-Gul Malani

Intelligent, happy, peaceful and psychologically strong children are those that are brought up by both the parents giving  unconditional love to the child all the time and complete and undivided attention whenever the child requires it -Gul Malani

We can only give unconditional love as well as unconditional attention to our child when we drop all our expectations of the child and are willing to allow the child to blossom to its inherent potential at its own pace – as understood by us from the book titled ‘The Conscious Parent’ by Shefali Tsabary PhD

There may be some doubt as to who are the best people to have charge of children, but there can be no doubt that parents are the worst – George Bernard Shaw

The clash between child and adult is never so stubborn as when the child within us confronts the adult in the child – Robert Brault

Never underestimate the power of your words upon a young person’s life! – stated by a father in a group session and reported by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish in their book ‘How to talk so kids will listen & listen so kids will talk’ 

You must love in such away that the person you love feels free-Thich Nhat Hanh

Every child, as well as adult, needs not only physical but emotional space to grow and be strong-Gul Malani

Psychologically & physically strong, capable, contended and happy children are a result of loving, patient and conscious parenting. Parents who are anxious and worried about the future, bring up weak children without realising the damage they have caused– Gul Malani

Parental understanding and love nurtures a child and helps it build its self esteem and strengthens its psyche whereas disciplining without understanding and love damages the self esteem and psyche of the child – Malanis

The nature of human child, quite like the babies of animals and birds, is to be independent at the earliest. Normal parenting either delays or prevents this process as human parents think unconsciously that by doing this, they are useful, loving and caring-Gul Malani

Success caused passion more than passion caused success – in Scott Adams life

Failure is where success likes to hide. The trick is to get the good stuff out (of failure) – Scott Adams

Each new skill (mediocre will do, excellence is not required) you acquire doubles your odds of (material) success  Scott Adams

Parents should let go of their desire to condition children for fulfilling their desires and expectations. Parents have to accept the fact that they cannot make children to sustain doing something they’re not naturally predisposed to doing, nor can they cause them to become anyone other than who they really are from within. – Adapted from Carnelian Sage’s book ‘The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World’


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