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November 27, 2014 / Gul Malani

Good Time to Start Schooling

Educationists and people in charge of education (heads of new version schools) in some countries have started canvassing and marketing the idea that their Institutions are the best ground for developing the Intellect of the children. They say that most of us have been brought up to have mediocre Intelligence. If we want our child to be super intelligent like Buddha, Shankaracharya, Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, and others, then the child in the womb has to be brought to their Institutions for starting early, effective and high level development of the Intellect of the child. Six weeks after birth, the child is to be admitted into a 9:00 am to 4:00 pm programme in their supposedly Super Institution for early and super development!

The question is how did Buddha, Shankaracharya, Leonardo, Einstein achieve what they did when such supposedly Super Education Institutes and Educationists did not exist?

Photo Mother teaching Child ID-10088124 271114The answer takes us back to the home environment of such super people! It must have provided the ambiance for the child to develop it’s Intellect to the extent each one of them did. The best person to develop it’s Intellect is the Child itself. It has to be given the space and the opportunities to learn and develop. Next to the child, the mother and then the father play a very important role in the child’s development. The parents have to provide the space as well as expose the child to various activities and situations at appropriate times when the child shows interest in learning more of a specific activity or learning from a situation.

Needless to say that a child’s Intellect will develop best in an environment wherein the parents love and respect each other and are giving unconditional love and attention to the child.

So, the most important persons, for the development of a child, are first, the child itself, then the mother and then the  father. Then comes the role of a good School with Teachers who have more specific knowledge on the subjects and are capable of lovingly sharing it with the child in an interesting manner.

A little baby takes time to develop its immunity. So, the first six months to a year, the exposure to other people as well as school children should be kept to a bare minimum so that the child does not get exposed to infection carried by others!

After a year, it is quite in order to take the child to a Mother-Toddler Nursery for one or two hours, two to three times a week! During this period the child may develop some independence from the Mother for a few hours. Only when the child shows this independence then the parents could consider leaving the child in a play-school for two to three hours every alternate or every day based on the child’s comfort level. The next milestone will be to admit the child into a the kindergarten class of a nursery or regular school which generally starts at the age of four.

Early separation from the Mother, even for a few hours, can cause an everlasting pain body within the psyche of the child and will manifest itself as excessive fear and anxiety resulting in loss of the capabilities of the child’s Intellect resulting in lower level of development too. Parents have to be very observant of the child’s capability to be comfortable without the presence of the Mother so that the schooling aspect is done with proper timing to suit the comfort level of the child.

Only when the child is comfortable in school that he/she will do good quality learning and retaining!

Do remember that high IQ, wide knowledge and super intelligence does not necessarily result in living a happy and a full life! This part of learning, to live a full life, comes from the way parents are living. Living life fully begins with Awareness. More on this subject is available in our blog

Do ensure that the process of schooling or education does not rob the child of the sparkle in the eyes that almost every child  is born with! If parents notice that the sparkle is missing, then they have to immediately review the complete environment of the the child and change the timings or the school itself to bring the sparkle back soonest!


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