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June 19, 2015 / Gul Malani

Subconscious Intellect – The Gigantic Powerhouse within every child!

The greatest discovery within a human being is that of the ‘Subconscious Intellect’ (SCI), which is within us from the time ofID-100323034 Aircraft 190615 conception! It is the one responsible for building up the organs and our whole body and maintaining it not only while we are in the womb but after we take birth and throughout our life! Some call it ‘The Soul’ or ‘The Spirit’!

It is a gigantic Powerhouse of Energy and Infinite Universal Intelligence. Our Intuitions and Creativity spring out from this source! It is aware of all that has happened in this Universe, what is happening now, as well as what will happen in the future!

How fortunate it is that every child is born with this enormous strength within itself of the ‘Subconscious Intellect’! It maintains all the involuntary functions like breathing, blood circulation, nervous system etc.

Furthermore, it assures every child success, good health, happiness, harmony and Peace!

After a child is born it interacts with others through its SCI only and there is innocence and amazing intelligence in what it does. Later on after a year or so, the interactions with the external world, including parents, relatives, teachers, society and the external environment, leads to the creation of the ‘Conscious Intellect’ (CI) within the child. The Conscious Intellect is largely the ‘Ego’ along with its Analytical, Diagnostic, logic and reasoning capabilities. A small portion is that of non judgmental ‘Awareness’ which is the door that leads us from our Conscious Intellect to our Subconscious Intellect.

Unfortunately, our Conscious Intellect has limited Intelligence, Knowledge and experience so most of the conclusions arrived at by it are not perfect conclusions. With the imperfect conclusions it starts interfering with our Subconscious Intellect. Our Subconscious Intellect accepts everything the Conscious Intellect believes and does, as true and correct. Fortunately, it does not have logic or reasoning capabilities so our involuntary functions do not get upset by our Conscious Intellect!

For example, if the Conscious Intellect (CI) of the child says that I will be sick as I got wet in the rain, the Subconscious Intellect (SCI) will go ahead and make the body sick. If CI says that I will fail, then SCI will ensure that the child will fail in achieving whatever it is trying to achieve!

So now, the corollary of this is fascinating and mind boggling! We have the greatest power within our own self and every child has it too! If we want to succeed we just have to believe we will succeed and the SCI will deliver success. If we want to be healthy again, all we have to do is to believe that we are healthy and SCI will automatically deliver health to us! If we want to be happy we have to believe we are happy and we will be happy right away! That is the positive power of SCI available to everyone including children.

Parents have to appreciate that every child has this phenomenal capabilities of living a life without fear, anxiety and worry as it has total control over its own life through its SCI. It can easily and comfortably live a life of success, good health, happiness, harmony and peace. It just has to believe in it and its own SCI will deliver!

If there is a situation that needs to be changed, then we have to help the child to think positively that a solution will happen, before falling asleep in bed and once again after waking up in the morning! SCI will either give the solution, or make the circumstances such that the solution will arrive automatically!

Whew! What a relief to all of us parents who carry the burden of success, health, happiness etc of the child! Knowing this we can all, including our children, live a great and fulfilled life!

To understand this post fully and believe in it, we recommend strongly that we parents and everyone else too read the book titled ‘The Power of your Subconscious Mind’ by Dr. Joseph Murray.

Fearless, anxiety and worry free living is available to all of us. Make the most of this post and live life fully from here onwards!


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