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September 22, 2015 / Gul Malani

Zillion $ Question

ID-10037455Yes, there is a very important question, parents as well as grandparents should ask themselves regarding up bringing of our children!

The zillion $ question is, are we aware that we are helping to seed in desires in our children which take away their peace and happiness and drives them to constantly compete and work to succeed in the external world? If we are  aware, then the method we adopt will keep our children in less distressful condition as they face the challenges of life! It is hard to avoid having desires, we just can make it less stressful for our children!

The key is to be a role model and live our own life with very little or no stress! This comes from loving what we are thinking and doing. If there are things we have to do that we do not love, being aware of it, makes it much easier to do it!

Children pick up stress points from parents; so we have to be aware and allow the ups and downs of life to flow through us smoothly without getting overly stressful and upset!

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