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August 17, 2015 / Gul Malani

Parents Egos-Watch it!

ID-100111855 Parents posing with cute smiling daughter 160815The only factor that is most critical in the proper up bringing of a child are the Egos of both the Parents. Parental Ego thinks it knows what is best for the child! The reality and the truth is that the child knows what is best for its own self. Parents have to only help the child discover its own capabilities and take charge of itself as soon as possible.

Before we Parents say or do something we have to become aware of our thoughts as well as our actions. We should ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Will it help the child to grow to be whatever it is capable of becoming and not be a clone of our own selves to fulfill our incomplete desires and expectations?
  • Will it help the child continue loving and respecting itself?
  • Will it improve or destroy the inherent intelligence the child is born with?
  • Will it destroy the happiness and peace already existing within the child?
  • Will it improve or destroy the child’s harmony with itself as well as with the external Universe
  • Will it help the child gain independence as soon as possible?

In bringing up children we have to have qualities close to that of our Creator, who gives us everything from sunshine, air, water food, intelligence, health, happiness, harmony, peace and success as well as children without our asking!

Children are a piece of Divinity that our Creator is sharing with us! So, treat them like Divinity giving them lots of love and respect! All the children, no matter whose they are, deserve our unconditional love and attention. We just have to patiently watch them grow stronger from within, building capabilities of facing all the challenges in their life, enjoying their life, and living it well and fully too!

The only way to ensure this for our children, is to watch or be aware of our Ego. This will then reduce or eliminate the damage our Ego can cause to our children giving them a safe and enjoyable passage through their life!

Bringing up strong children helps parents to discover their own true identity and lead a great life too! So, there is a dual advantage, for both parents and children. Therefore do not lose this wonderful opportunity for developing awareness and living life fully as a consequence of healthy and positive upbringing of our children!

Child abuse happens when parental Ego is unaware that it seeking it’s own comfort and convenience over the child’s comfort and convenience. Parent’s awareness, of their Ego and it’s desires, will reduce and eliminate child abuse completely! – The Totality

In order to give unconditional love to our children, parents have to learn to give unconditional love to themselves. This implies accepting and loving our own self, including our Ego, as it is now and not loving oneself because of what we are doing or have achieved in our life. –The Totality

Parental and social conditioning and programming of a child arises from parental and social Egos which are generally anxious and afraid for the child’s safety as well as it’s future. So, most children’s upbringing has a severe negative bias leading to numerous negative thoughts in the child’s mind. Parents need not become over anxious with the negativity in the child’s mind. Allow the child to experience these thoughts fully. Such thoughts will not necessarily bring negative results as ‘Karmaphala’ (fruits of our labour) are not determined by our thoughts, but by the Supreme Power known as God to most of us.- The Totality 040221 *

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