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March 6, 2014 / Gul Malani

Unlimited Possibilities for our Children

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As parents we should never underestimate our child’s capabilities. Each and every child is a unique Masterpiece with unlimited capabilities!

As a child, we have the capabilities to do just about anything we want to. The capabilities start getting limited as the child learns from it’s parents or teachers that such and such a thing is difficult or impossible to achieve. In up bringing of our child, words such as fear, failure, difficult, impossible should never be used.

Further, the future always offers unlimited possibilities for the development and success of our own selves as well as our kids!

Fortunately the future possibilities do not discriminate. Every child will come across many possibilities in the course of his/her life. We have seen, heard or read of many children doomed to die early who go on to live a very healthy long life; many rags to riches instances of even low literacy individuals; many unbelievable heavenly performers of music & dance from poor families as well as from those persons who are physically challenged.

It is only possible to tap into these opportunities if we and our children are keyed into the present moment and act on the requirements of the situation right now! Our actions in the present moment are the foundation on which the future unfolds for us as well as for our children. However, we must remember that although our actions are very important, the end results depend heavily on the Forces of the Universe also called Luck or God!

So, we all including parents and children, should be very enthusiastically looking forward to our future unfolding into the present moments.

Regretfully, most of us have an Ego that has developed many limitations and fears including fear of the future and failure. So, instead of welcoming the future as a honoured guest who is with us for a very short while, we fear its arrival! Sadly, this is due to the fact that loving but poor parenting unknowingly built this fear and limitations in us and we are doing the same to our children.

Statements made by the parents like the following, program our child’s Ego to fear the future as well as acquire many other fears and limitations too:

If you misbehave I will call the police!-fear that in the future, police may come to get him/her

If you do not study you will fail!- fear of failure in the future

You have to become a Doctor and serve the mankind!- fear of not being able to become a Doctor

Be careful, you will get hurt!- fear of doing anything risky as he/she may get hurt and have to go to the hospital

You have be the first and the best in everything you do!- fear of not being able to achieve this

You will not make any mistakes!- fear of trying anything new

Comparing present situation or behaviour with the past and deriding it- fear of change in the future

I told you so, when the child fails at anything!- fear of doing anything without having parents approval first

We have to save today so that your future is bright!- fear of spending as the future may become bleak

Why are you trying to achieve the impossible!– fear of doing anything new by limiting the child’s imagination to its present capabilities only

We would like to clarify that nothing in this world is impossible to achieve. The limited experience and knowledge our Ego, brings in this limitation of belief that certain situations are near impossible to achieve. The fact of the matter is that if the Forces of Universe give a helping hand everything is possible to achieve. 50 years ago we would not have believed that flying while sitting in an airplane chair is possible. Likewise for Satellites, Medical transplants, Mobile phones, I pads, curing disease by Yoga, Meditation & Nutrition etc

So, what is the way out? We have to be very careful with the statements we make about the future to our children to ensure that we are not building limitations and fear of the future in the psyche, Ego,  of the child. Further, allow the child to remain in the present moment for as much time as possible and help him/her learn how to act in response to its imagination as well as the requirements of the situation at the moment. A statement which encompasses all this is: ‘Let the child cross the bridge when he/she comes to it’! Help him/her only if he/she seeks help to cross certain difficult bridges!

Then be patient and watch how our child blooms and blossoms beautifully and strongly from within and in tune with the Forces of this Universe!

All children are born with wings to fly. Unfortunately most parents and teachers unknowingly teach the child only to crawl through life! – Gul Malani *

The basic premise is the belief that the child is born with unlimited possibilities, and the primary job of the parents is to create a growth-promoting environment for it – Dr. Atul Abhyankar *


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  1. Gul Malani / Jul 11 2014 3:05 am

    Thanks! I will google soonest and learn the new technique.

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